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The need for the revival of the pastor-theologian role is great. Vanhoozer Indexes. More than most books I have read, this one stems the tide of pragmatism within the church and offers a theologically robust vision of pastoring. They may be a remnant. The Pastor as Public Theologian is well-written, succinct, and clear. See that your example contradict not your doctrine 63 4. This can serve as a push for the kind of theological, public ministry that the church desperately needs.

Rated 5. Add to wishlist. Email address. Join waitlist. See that the work of grace be thoroughly wrought in your own souls 53 2. See that you be not only in a state of grace, but that your graces are in vigorous and lively exercise 61 3. See that your example contradict not your doctrine 63 4.


Rev. Michael Bledsoe, PH.D., a pastor and professor for more than twenty years in Washington, D.C., shares candidly from the chapters of his vocation--from the tobacco fields in southern Indiana of his. The Novel Pastorate: Chapters From A Vocation [Michael Bledsoe] on Amazon.​com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rev. Michael Bledsoe, PH.D., a pastor​.

See that you live not in those sins against which you preach in others 67 5. You have a heaven to win or lose as well as other men 72 2. You have a depraved nature as well as others 73 3. You have many eyes upon you, and there will be many to observe your falls 75 5. The honour of Christ lieth more on you than on other men 78 8. We must labour for the conversion of the unconverted 94 2. We must give advice to inquirers who are under conviction of sin 96 3. We must study to build up those who are already partakers of divine grace 97 4.

We must exercise a careful oversight of families 5. We must be faithful in reproving and admonishing offenders 7. Purely for God, and the salvation of souls 2.

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Diligently and laboriously 3. Prudently and orderly 4. Insisting chiefly on the greatest and most necessary things 5. With plainness and simplicity 6. With humility 7. With a mixture of severity and mildness 8. With seriousness, earnestness and Zeal 9. With tender love to our people With patience With reverence With spirituality With earnest desires and expectations of success Under a deep sense of our own insufficiency, and of our dependence on Christ From the relation in which we stand to the flock — we are overseers 2.

From the efficient cause of this relation — The Holy Ghost 3. On account of our pride 2. Our not seriously, unreservedly, and laboriously laying out ourselves in our work 1 By negligent studies 2 By dull, drowsy preaching 3 By not compassionating and helping destitute congregations 3. Our prevailing regard to our worldly interests, in opposition to the interests of Christ 1 By temporizing 2 By too much minding worldly things 3 By barrenness in works of charity 4. Our undervaluing the unity and peace of the Church 5.

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It will be a most hopeful mean of the conversion of sinners 2. However, having an effective corporate experience of prayer—whether in a large congregational setting or a small group—depends on many factors. Franklin highlights not only the theology behind powerful corporate prayer but also the effective habits and practices of a praying church.

The Retail Baptist Pastor and his book of characters

And the Place was Shaken makes an impassioned plea for churches to grow in passion for Jesus through praying together. He travels to other churches to help with their prayer ministries. Calvin Miller retired in as professor of preaching and pastoral ministry at Beeson Divinity School, Samford University. He received his D. Miller is a poet, artist, novelist, and evangelist and has written more than 40 books and numerous articles on religion and preaching. Henry helps clear up much of the confusion surrounding the proper practices of the Supper and elevates communion to its rightful place of importance.

Book Review: The New Pastor’s Handbook, by Jason Helopoulos

This valuable guide encourages both the solemnity and the celebration of communion. He answers many questions that arise regarding the Supper, including how often it is to be offered and who is eligible to receive it. Jim Henry is pastor of a 10,member church in Orlando.

John Piper’s Call to the Pastorate

He has been a pastor for over thirty years and served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Foshee offers a comprehensive guide to every phase of the nature and work of the church, including pastor and staff members, church polity and government, ordinances, deacons, church council and relationships.

Howard B. Foshee has written many books on practical church functions, including such roles as the usher, deacons, and officers. This manual is an indispensable interdenominational tool for planning and conducting religious services. It is outlined by sections and the beginnings of most chapters contain guiding principles for a particular area of ministry. Topics covered include: the order of worship, baptism, the Lord's Supper, weddings, funerals, ordination, and visitation and counseling.

Franklin M. Segler spent over twenty years of ministry in local churches and sixteen years of teaching young ministers in the seminary. He is the author of Christian Worship, its Theology and Practice. Hobbs covers many of the important tasks the pastor performs, including funeral services and marriage ceremonies. Chapman has compiled 25 basic wedding ceremonies contributed by well-known ministers including W. Criswell, Charles G.

Edwin Young.